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Broadcast & Video On-Demand / Electronic Music Sessions

We're constantly on the move, providing support to the leading production companies, agencies, and record labels in South America and Europe.

Experience has led us to develop various types of work, from our radio shows, club events, and live festival broadcasts to talks, workshops, interviews, and documentaries.

Driven by our commitment and spirit of evolution, we provide solutions and alternatives in various areas such as creative direction, art direction, video production, and general artistic production.

+ Image

We have high-quality imaging equipment to provide full HD live coverage.

+ Simultaneous Channels

We achieve greater viewer reach by broadcasting on multiple simultaneous channels.

+ Social Media Broadcasting

Your events gain greater visibility with direct content distribution across social media platforms.


+ Videos on our channel

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Audiovisual Content Production

Our team consists of leading and influential professionals with experience across various fields such as design, music, media, digital arts, photography, and audiovisual production.

+950 Live Broadcasts

We support leading production companies and labels.

HD Video Quality

We focus on the video image quality.

America and Europe

We operate in various cities around the world.

Clubs and Festivals

We bring the best music to your screen.